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At Think Inc., our intention was/is never to personally (financially) gain from this ministry.  Our objective is to share the Biblical Truth. Thus, we offer products at very low prices to help cover our expenses hoping that we can work WITH YOU, fellow believers, to reach more and more people with this most wonderful and beautiful truth of the gospel. God has used the tools offered below to change SO many lives, we hope that you will parter with Him to change even more.

STOP&THINK (the Movie)

Stop and Think DVDs


This DVD includes the 15-minute film that started it all, “Stop & Think” with Francis Chan, as well as outtakes from the film, some behind-the-scenes photos, a beautiful nature montage and the options for subtitles in various languages. This is the same film but different packaging (4″x4″ cardboard sleeves vs. our thicker plastic cases). See why hundreds of thousands of people from more than 30 countries worldwide are calling “Stop & Think” the perfect “media tract” for friends, co-workers, churches and organizations. Finally! A video that clearly explains the Good News of Jesus Christ in a “non religious” way.

RELIGION (the Movie)

Bulk "Religion" DVDs


86% of the world’s population claims to follow God. Yet think of all the loneliness, violence, rape, theft, child abuse, addiction, etc… The evidence says “religion” isn’t working very well. From the creators of “Stop & Think” comes “Religion,” a 17-minute film that will challenge all of us who claim to be followers of God. With the stunning Great Smoky Mountains as a backdrop, author & speaker David Nasser considers the realities of modern day religion with a paradoxical solution that will surely cause you to stop and think.