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Stories from around the world:

This is a great evangelistic tool that I can share with my unsaved friends that I believe they will not only watch, but pay attention to the message. Thank you for producing this. I look forward to future productions.

I showed the video at our youth group a few weeks ago and it opened the door for the kids. I explained the plan of salvation afterwards and 12 youth accepted Jesus. Keep up the good work. I am hoping now that I can use the tool that God has allowed you to create to reach friends and co-workers.

The link came from a friend of mine and I was absolutely blown away with the quality of the movie, the message that was delivered, and the power of all the elements you combined with the camera. Please let everyone in your organization know that we will be sharing this film with our entire company and sending it out to every element of society – friends, family, business leaders etc.

I returned home from a trip to find this on my kitchen counter. My daughter found it on the front door and brought it inside. Curious, I put it in the DVD player and watched it. It was great!

Thank you for your work in putting this dvd together. My boss found it on the door step at his home and thought that I had left it there for him. I told him I hadn’t but that I would like to watch it, which I did last night. The Lord is working in my bosses heart to bring him into a personal relationship with Him, so the content and timing of the dvd couldn’t be more perfect.

Your video “Stop & Think” was a very pleasant surprise left on my doorstop this morning . It came at a time when I am making some changes in my life. Please keep up your good works…. this video is fantastic! Please let me know how I can order several copies for my friends & family.

I have been a Christian for over three years now, and I honestly felt like accepting the Lord all over again after watching the fifteen minute video!

Hello, a friend of mine sent me a copy of the movie. I saw this short but GREAT movie and am impressed by Pastor Chan’s message.

I watched your video at a Christian Surfers fellowship Wednesday night and it has completely changed my life. Thank you for helping me open my eyes to realize what God has been trying to tell me for years.

We’re located outside an Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan. Our ministry is a ministry of Cadence International (www.cadence.org), an evangelical mission agency that reaches out to the military around the world. We want to use the juststopandthink video as a catalyst for personal evangelism on base. We love what you guys have done, and we love to listen to Francis Chan on podcasts.