Small Group Discussion Topics on Evangelism

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Small groups are meeting every week all around the world and have become the primary way that believers are meeting together and doing church. The effectiveness of the church small group to do outreach is one of the reasons why this is the single most effective way to reach neighbors with the Gospel.

Many churches and small group leaders are using the Stop and Think DVD to reach out to the community with the message of the Good News. There are two ways to use this short movie as an outreach.

The easiest way to start the conversation about Jesus Christ is to invite your small group to sit and watch the YouTube version of the video for free in your living room ( Of course you could also use the DVD, but there is no reason to buy DVDs when you can watch it for free online. There are no licensing issues. We want as many people as possible to watch this short movie. Once the movie has stopped playing, just ask one question and you’ll be blow away at the response. Interaction and inspiration are a guarantee.

For the small groups that are filled with mature believers it won’t really make sense to watch the YouTube video. Instead, maybe sharing the vision of Matthew 28 and the command of our Lord to reach out and spread the Gospel to the world. These verses at the end of Matthew aren’t directed at missionaries. They are meant for everyone.  Some of our website visitors, buy a pack of 10 DVDs for every member of their small group and have them pass them out to their neighbors with an invite to their small group. It is risky, but it can pay huge dividends. The message in the DVD is a great conversation starter.

Finally, another way for your small group to be a part of reaching out and sharing the gospel is to get the entire church involved. Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley lead by Francis Chan did this very thing. They had every small group hand deliver over 50,000 DVDs to every house in their community. The results were AMAZING. It seemed as if everyone was talking about that DVD the next day and church attendance on that next Sunday was HUGE.

It can be tough to start a conversation or discussion on evangelism, but this short movie can help small group leaders. So, plan out a few weeks form small group discussion topics on evangelism and you’ll reap the rewards of the hard work. It is important to note that none of these strategies will work without faithful workers begging the Lord of the harvest to bless the workers with the privilege of being a part of someone’s salvation story.