Evolution vs Creation? Bill Nye The Science Guy vs. Ken Ham Debate who won?

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Evolution vs. Creation

15 thoughts on “Evolution vs Creation? Bill Nye The Science Guy vs. Ken Ham Debate who won?

  1. The only thing you have to realize is that creationism is based on faith and A book and not a very good one at that. Science and Evolution is based on fact. Fact will always win over faith. For a Science person to argue with a creationist is like expecting a cat to speak 10
    European languages. Virtually impossible. I don’t dislike Creationists but their indoctrination and lack of ability to accept truth
    and fact is not rare. “It is easier to fool someone then to convince them they’ve been fooled.

    R Brentnall
    Toronto, Canada

    • I agree with you to a point yes faith does shape the belief of creation but the book is awesome and no one that truly studied it has found an error in it. My argument is that evolution also requires faith being that nobody has seen the evolution that made everything happen with there own eyes. Yes I do agree within species cells can change like some mutation we see , but with out faith in evolution there is no proof of it , but the books with many different revision that is read.
      Love you all praying for you I know all of y’all are great , but without Jesus you are a sinner destined for hell, but God’s love paid the sin debt and you can be saved if you believe that and make him Lord/ruler of your life. Great day to you’ll and much love

  2. Bill Nye won the debate; hands down.

    The Q and A at the end of the debate summed up it all up.

    Question: “What, if anything, would ever change your mind?”
    Ken Ham: “Nothing will ever change my mind. The Bible is the inerrant Word of God. So nothing.”
    Bill Nye: “Evidence. Evidence will change my mind.”

    BTW, to say Ken Ham and his creationist ilk was Christian is laughable. He needs to teach them the “evolution” of the Bible.

    Sumerian legends and myths >> Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, Deuteronomy) >> (Add new chapters and A New Testament) = Bible

    • There is nothing on your website link to defend your position except for a bias statement from a creationist.
      Please provide proof for your statement otherwise you look like a fool.

    • This is not the kind of evidence that will prove your point.
      A paragraph from your link.

      “Some of these men went to Borneo and caught female Orangutans and sailed across to South America and had sex with the female Orangutans and created the Indian. And the men who stayed in Africa caught female Gorillas and had sex with them and created the Black man.”

  3. “If get a microscope and some bacteria, you can WATCH evolution happen!”
    -MICRO evolution, adaptation, NOT molecules-to-man evolution.
    “The Bible is not a good science book.”
    -Actually the Bible is full of science, and by the way science means “to know”
    The Bible is not a moral book.
    If there’s no God, where does this “moral” you speak of even come from?

    • “Actually the Bible is full of science, and by the way science means “to know””
      Quotes, please.
      Why didn’t Christians discover and invent things before Jews did?

  4. Bill Nye won because “science is real”.

    The earth is not 6000 years old (More like 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years).
    Two of every kind of animal could not have fit on Noah’s ark.
    We can look at the results of the Humane Genome project and every other Genome project and see the history of evolution before our eyes.
    If get a microscope and some bacteria, you can WATCH evolution happen!
    The Bible is not a good science book.
    The Bible is not a moral book.
    Any book that says “slaves obey your masters” is not a moral book!
    – Colossians 3:22
    Get a better book. Get several!

    • Cor 3:19: For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness”;

      Yes, micro evolution is easily observed and tested. No one has watched/seen/experienced/tested macro evolution, not even Bill Nye the science guy. Therefore, macro evolution cannot be substantiated by science’s rigorous standards of evaluation, which require observation.

      The earth is not 6000 years old (More like 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years). <= Because man was there to see it begin, right?
      Two of every kind of animal could not have fit on Noah’s ark. <= 2 of every kind (kind, not sub-species) from when they were young or just born could, most animals are quite small right after birth, and obviously all marine animals didn't need to be on the boat.
      We can look at the results of the Humane Genome project and every other Genome project and see the history of evolution before our eyes. <= By the Human genome projects own words, they say that 2% of the human genome codes for building proteins, 30% regulates when to build these proteins, and the other 68% is UNKOWN. Meaning, the majority of the human genome is a mystery, meaning it couldn't possibly definitely tell you anything about 4.5 billion years of never observed before macro evolution.
      If get a microscope and some bacteria, you can WATCH evolution happen! <= Micro evolution, micro!

      And don't try to say the Bible is immoral for placing morality on what was a immoral legal practice of that culture at that time. God never wanted slavery in the first place. It exists because of the sinful nature of man, just like so many other evils of the world, like murder, theft, rape, adultery. The Bible brought morality to a sinful concept, meaning it forbade slave owners to abuse their slaves. In turn, the slave was to obey, to keep the peace. Many of the slaves during the writing of Paul's letter, were in slavery by choice, and before you laugh ignorantly, read a history book. You think the world is tough in the 21st century? Most of the population of the world was starving 2000 years ago, so it was common for a man to put himself and his entire family into slavery to someone wealthy (like a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet), in order to provide food and shelter and protection for their family.

      I implore you to read the Bible, especially the Gospels of Jesus Christ, and live it. There is no better way to experience true peace, love, and joy than to walk in His footsteps. You can read all the books written on this planet and you will never find anything close to the wisdom contained in the Bible.

      Be blessed.

    • Neither won. God has two revelations (Creation and scripture) and they can’t be in conflict. Both Ken Ham and Bill Nye prove that these two things are in conflict. That is why I think there is huge middle ground that is left out of the equation. Hugh Ross from “Reasons to Believe” proves how today’s science affirms our faith in the God of the Bible. The earth is 4 billion years old and scripture (when put into context) does speak of an old Earth. Also Noah’s flood was a regional flood and not a world flood. I challenge anyone to check this out for yourself http://www.reasons.org/. This really helped me get my head around this difficult topic and strengthened my faith.

      • In response to the claim that the flood was only regional and not global, I quote from the 7th chapter of Genesis, “…and all the high hills under the whole heaven were covered. The waters prevailed fifteen cubits upward, and the mountains were covered.”

        I believe that this means that the waters rose 15 cubits above the highest mountains. In my mind, that would certainly cover the whole planet.

        Someone might argue that the author meant that the waters only rose to a total height of 15 cubits. The ark was built with a height of 30 cubits. So if the waters only rose to half the height of the ark, I think it would be hard to explain the following occurrences also listed near or in the previously mentioned passage of Scripture:

        -the waters lifted the ark, and it rose high above the earth.
        -the ark moved about on the surface of the waters.
        -the mountains were covered.

        I think this argument, though, ultimately comes down to whether we can trust what is written in the Scriptures or not. I believe that the more we dig into Scripture, the more we will see that it is trustworthy. If anyone reading this wants a good place to start digging they should start with the accounts of Jesus’ resurrection, especially the ones that were written long before it happened 🙂 I pray that in the process, you will meet Him yourself.

  5. Ken Ham won the debate. Not due to the convincing arguments, although he was, or persuasive evidences, although they are, but because he stood on the authority of God’s word and preached the Gospel!

    • The gospel is truth? Evidence please. Ken Ham won that debate about as much as tRump won the election. You sound as deluded and dishonest as both.

      • Hi Derick,
        You asked for evidence that the gospel is truth. I want to do my best to point out some of the evidence for you because you asked a very important question; one that I have had to wrestle with too.

        But first of all, I want to make sure I’m not throwing around words that we might both attribute different meanings to. In the comment before yours, Adam used the word “Gospel”; it just means “Good news”*1. What is the good news? It is that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and then rose again the third day. And because of His sacrifice on our behalf, we can be be declared to be righteous before a holy God, through our trust in Jesus.*2

        Now before I try to point out the evidence for the good news, you may be asking, “But why does it matter?”. If the gospel doesn’t strike you as wonderfully-good news, it may be that no one has told you the bad news: that all of us are guilty. Our guilt is a symptom of our condition: we are all spiritually dead (or have been).
        You may be thinking, “I’m not dead” – I mean, you’re reading or hearing this text, so obviously you’re alive, physically. But you are not just a physical being; you are also a spiritual being. And that spiritual part of you has been dead. What I mean by “dead” is that you have been separated from the source of life, your Creator, God. Why? Because your guilt has separated you from Him. Jesus is the only means of clearing your guilt and bridging the divide that separates you from your God*3.

        Okay, okay. So you’re still reading but you don’t buy that this whole story of Jesus coming back to life is nothing more than made-up fairy tales. But who told this story? One person who told it was Paul. In a letter to a group of Christians in Corinth, he mentioned that Jesus had appeared to more than 500 people at one time after He had risen from the dead. He also said that most of them were still alive at the time he wrote the letter (in a sense, saying, “If you don’t believe me, ask them!”).

        Now who is this Paul? According to the book of Acts (which was written by the same author who wrote the book of Luke), Paul was a man who persecuted Christians – dragging them from their homes and putting them in prison – breathing threats and murder against the followers of Jesus.
        What could have caused Paul to turn 180 degrees and now follow this Jesus whom he had formerly persecuted, other than some convincing proof?*4

        Derick, there are other convincing proofs as well, including the fact that no one was able to point to the body of Jesus in order to disprove the claims of His resurrection, and Jesus’s followers’ willingness to suffer persecution for their claims about Jesus – to the point of death (If they had made up the story, wouldn’t you think the immediate threat of death would have caused them to fess up?).
        In addition to these, a big proof are the prophecies written about the future Messiah (which Jesus met the criteria for) including the following: where He would be born, how He would be born, who He would be related to, what He would do, how the Jews would treat Him, how He would be killed (as well as specific circumstances surrounding His death) and how He would come back to life again.

        But for me personally, one of the last straws to convince me was something that Jesus said: “Ask, and it will be given to you: seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”(Matthew 7: 7).
        I thought, “If Jesus really said that, and if He really is who He said He is; then I will at least take Him up on that.” I told God that I didn’t understand the gospel. I asked Him to bring me to whatever point of faith I needed to be at. God eventually answered my request a few months later and opened my eyes to the simplicity of the gospel. I now ask Him to do the same for you who are reading or listening.

        *1 http://biblehub.com/interlinear/1_corinthians/15-1.htm
        *2 (1 Corinthians 15:1-8 ; Romans 1:16-17 ; Romans 5:1-2) https:/www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+15%3A1-8%3BRomans+1%3A16-17%3BRomans+5%3A1-2&version=ESV
        *3 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts+4:11-13&version=NKJV
        *4 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts+9&version=NKJV

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