Our Values

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We at “Stop and Think” view truth and clarity as fundamental and paramount values. We have no ax to grind or any agenda other than transparent honesty, intellectual truth, and an ardent desire for clarity. We have no reason to be biased towards any belief system; we only seek to understand the truth and communicate the truth. That’s it.

We believe our decisions on Earth determine our eternal destiny; thus, we choose to “leave our pre-conceived beliefs and biases at the door” as we honestly seek to know Almighty God, human nature, and the means of eternal life.

When you think about it, our eternal destiny is the most important subject in all of life. Why? Well, if there is an eternal life (i.e. 850 billion years is the first inning), and our decisions on earth determine if we go to peace/joy/love (heaven) or wrath/horror/misery (hell), then we need to put all religious pride, feelings, assumptions, and biases aside and honestly pursue the truth. This is a big deal!

The most common hang-up we hear via this website is (in one form or another), “I don’t believe the bible can be trusted.” Ok, that’s cool; however, have you ever spent 10 hours of your life openly and honestly investigating it for yourself? How about 5 hours? 3? 1? So what you’re saying is, “I’m betting my eternal (!!) life on a hunch.”

Honestly, it is not our intention to talk you into anything. Your relationship with God is between you and him; however, we’ve studied this subject for literally thousands of hours (formally and privately) and simply want to help you, whether you’re a believer or not, go to the next level of (theological) education. We believe our creator gave each of us a brain, and with it, the responsibility to learn for ourselves. Truth is not subjective, it’s not relative, it’s not a feeling. Your belief in something doesn’t make it truth. It’s either true or not true. Oxygen is either essential to human life or not; the light we see from stars actually left the star years ago or not; a man named George Washington was once the president of the United States or not; Jesus Christ was the son of God or not; Jesus rose from the dead or not. We’re not advocating blind faith, at all! We’re encouraging you to consider the evidence and make your own decision. We’re attempting to present the evidence honestly and clearly and asking you to stop and think about it.

I grew up as a religious person, going to church every week, trying to be moral, and doing the best I could to please God. In my late 20s, I was challenged regarding the accuracy/truthfulness of the Bible. In an attempt to disprove its historical accuracy, my paradigm totally changed. That was over 20 years ago and I’ve been openly and honestly studying ever since. I’ve realized that it’s okay to question… in fact, I now question just about everything. That is why, as said above, we encourage you to leave your preconceived ideas at the door and just pursue intellectual truth; there are answers to all of your questions. Christianity is not blind faith, far from it!

So, I invite you to spend time going through the website. Before you do though, spend at least a minute or two asking God to help you hear/understand honest truth. If you have any questions, or see that something on the site is in error, please let us know. However, (since we’re committed to truth and clarity), don’t say something is wrong without presenting an intellectual case using official doctrine/documents. With all due respect, feelings or hunches are not worth much here.  If we’re shown to be in error with something, trust me, I’ll move very quickly to change it; again, since we are committed to honesty, truth, and clarity.

May God richly bless you as you diligently seek after him. He’s there, you know, and wants to be known.

Johnny Karls
MA, Biblical Studies/Theology
Producer, JustStopAndThink.com