Meet the S&T Team

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Johnny Karls
Founder Think Inc. ministries
Johnny, a MT native, was a Hollywood camera person for 15 years out of college. Once introduced to Jesus (as distinctively described in the Bible), his life was radically changed. His passion is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible in a clear, nonreligious way. Since leaving “Hollywood” in ’01, he received a MA in Biblical studies, adopted kids, works with the desperately poor in Africa, and joyfully tries to serve the LORD wholeheartedly from his home in CO. Johnny is married with 4 kids.

Mike Millett
Mike is an enthusiastic ambassador for JustStopandThink traveling the country speaking to churches, non-profits, and other organizations. He is driven by faith, and has used his talents to put JustStopandThink on the map. Mike is also the founder and president of Digilu, a web development company in California. He loves his wife and four wonderful kiddos.

Matt Warren
Matt is the co-founder of Radar Creative where he produces & directs projects for TV, web and live events. In 2010, he directed more than twenty episodes of the two-time Emmy-nominated TV series How Do I Look?, for Style Network. Matt works with some of the world’s biggest brands including DIRECTV, Farmers Insurance, Public Storage, Range Rover, Jaguar | Land Rover, Sonic, and Ubisoft. Matt models how “faith,”  “talent,” and “profession” can work so beautifully together.

Lori and Jim Motush
Lori and Jim Motush stock their home garage with shipping supplies and DVDs, faithfully delivering the Just Stop and Think message to people worldwide. They have been faithful volunteers since this ministry started and are always ready to advance the gospel message in any way possible. They have shown that simple operations can impact millions when God is actively involved and we work diligently to His service.

Francis Chan
Presenter: Stop and Think (The Movie)
Francis Chan is the best-selling author of the books Crazy Love, Forgotten GodErasing Hell and the host of the BASIC.series Who is God & We Are Church. He has also written the children’s books Halfway Herbert, The Big Red Tractor, The Little Village, and Ronnie Wilson’s Gift.

David Nasser
Presenter: Religion (The Movie)
Part speaker, author visionary, and ALL minister, David Nasser’s greatest passion is to connect people to the living God. David uses relevant methods to communicate the life-changing messages of the gospel to more than 700,000 people annually. David and his family live in Alabama, the home of D. Nasser Outreach.