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I was writing regarding the DVDs that you offer on your site. Â Well, first of all, Â I would like to congratulate you on the work and that are doing for the Lord and to thank you for taking initiative in this project. I have been a Christian for over three years, and I honestly felt like accepting the Lord all over again after watching the fifteen minute video! You, brothers and sisters, have so much passion for the word and I’m glad God has placed that purpose in your hearts.

I watched your video at a Christian Surfers fellowship Wednesday night and it has completely changed my life. I am active duty Air Force and my wife is also. She has been gone to a class for 3 weeks and we were having a really tough time dealing with the separation as I pushed her away as I tried to “drive” the marriage. You video helped me understand that Christ is there for me and all I need to do is serve him and he will take care of the “driving ” for me. I accepted the lord into my heart that night and since that moment me and my wife have been back on normal if not better terms because it is more spiritual now. I want to thank you delivering such a powerful message… Please let me know how to send payment. And again Thank you for helping me open my eyes to realize what God has been trying to tell me for years.

Your video “Stop & Think” was a very pleasant surprise left on my doorstop this morning (Saturday, Oct. 29th) ~ and came at a time when I am making some changes in my life. I have always had a strong belief in and relationship with God and my Saviour Jesus Christ…. and you have expressed and captured through film and dialog what many people don’t quite “get”. Please keep up your good works…. this video is fantastic!

I am amazed at the production quality of your DVD movie. It is no sluff effort. FIRST CLASS! I thought the content and wording was blade-sharp! By all means, let me know how I can help your efforts if you drift into the Houston, Texas area.

The link came from a friend of mine and I was absolutely blown away with the quality of the movie, the message that was delivered, and the power of all the elements you combined with the camera. Please let everyone in your organization know that we will be sharing this film with our entire company and sending it out to every element of society – friends, family, business leaders etc. May God richly bless your organization as he spreads the message of this movie out around the planet!

You Guys ROCK!!!! Praise His Holy name!!!! This is going to help change peoples lives guys. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use this in a mighty way here in our little corner of Maryland.

I have just watched your movie and I’m blown away. What a simple explanation of the Gospel. I am a Director at a Camp and this is the message we try to get across in many ways throughout the summer. I would like to order your DVD to use at Camp this summer.

Hi, my name is Katie … and first of all I would just like to say how awesome your video is. It is beautifully made and really spoke to me. I live in Thousand Oaks, CA and I have seen multiple bumper stickers of the website and I wanted to see what it was all about, thinking it would be about alcohol or drug abuse. I’m glad it’s about God’s love and creation because that is a wonderful topic and great to spread to people.

Another praise A girl at church came to me this Sunday… She had no relationship with God…prayed and told God she wanted to find Him. She asked Him for a sign. Two days later got the dvd on her doorstep. She wept, knowing it was from God. Her husband wept over the whole process as well. Both in church this weekend thanking me. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

I volunteer at my Church in the High School Ministry. My youth pastor showed the video & I loved it. I plan on using it as a witness tool for friends & family.