Is Noah’s Ark Possible?

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Brian Thomas at the Institute for Creation Research says that students are surprised to find that the story of Noah’s Ark is feasible. For centuries, archaeologists and creationists have been asking, ” Is Noah’s Ark Possible?” It’s amazing what happens when the Bible’s accuracy is put to the test. Student’s were astonished by what they found out! The idea that the Bible holds historical truths is “more serious” than the secularized opinions suggest. Brian’s article is both intriguing and informative.

The students proclaimed that the assignment was refreshingly different. They used previous research and scientific experiments collectively to test the stories facts in the Bible. They were challenged at first to use the information given in the Bible for scientific experiments because they thought of the Bible as purely spiritual. Their findings were published in Leicester University’s Journal of Physics Special Topics. What did they find? Use this link to find out more information about the question “Is Noah’s Ark Possible?”.

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