Church Welcome Packets

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The response from churches who are using our DVDs in visitor welcome packets is inspiring. By simply adding a DVD to every visitor packet, church leaders are saying that the discussion and follow-up is much more meaningful.

Over the past 10 years, we have had churches pass out a DVD in every welcome packet without fail. There are times when we are short DVDs and getting them their orders has been stressful, so they end up ordering more to have on hand.

Again, one of the biggest benefits of adding the DVD to the packet is that the DVD isn’t a stand alone presentation of the Gospel. We never designed it to be a one stop shop. The entire goal of this movie is to be an aid to churches.

Some of our favorite emails come from individuals who have come to faith from others who showed them the DVD and then they turn around and start handing out the DVDs themselves. Below is an incredible example of a brother named Matt who is constantly ordering DVDs from

“Bless you for volunteering—I use the DVDs to help share my faith–so no problem w/timing as I still have a couple left from my previous order–tks so much!!”